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After the decision to go to South America, it is necessary to think about how to get the car there. The choice is Roll on Roll off and in a container. We have heard many horror stories about both. 
We have finally chosen "RoRo". Eventually there is also a portion of happiness involved. Unfortunately but true. 
Never thought that the port area was that big. Eventually we found quay 1333. 
The "Rubens" woman is not too fast, but after completing the forms we both get a access badge for the port. Only one person appears to be allowed to enter the port area with the car. That second access badge was not entirely clear to us. Will be a Belgian logic behind. 
Besides a Landcruiser 100 there is also a nice VW bus. We have been busy for days to close the car and remove everything on the outside, the VW bus with the half contents on the roof and everything in the car in sight. We wondered if we went overboard with removing everything. Afterwards we hear that with a number of cars everything has been taken out. So all the work was not for nothing.
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