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From Comodoro Rivadavia we drive inland to Sarmiento. There are petrified forests here at various locations. These fossilized forests are always special to see. 
We drive further south via the coast. The landscape is flat with green bushes everywhere. With the usual Guanacos, sheep and Nandus here and there. 
Through unpaved roads we reach the most beautiful places. Cabo Bianco is a fantastic place. There are many sea lions and birds here. We meet an Argentine family who keep a parilla, bbq. We are invited to eat. Despite our poor Spanish and their still poorer English it will be a pleasant afternoon. When the family is away after lunch and a siesta, we have the whole cape for ourselves. 
After crossing the border with Chile, we have to take the ferry to to come to Terra del Fuego. More to the south, the environment changed. There are more and more trees and in the distance we can see the snowy foothills of the Andes. After a lack of grass, flowers and trees for so long, it is a welcome change. Here, too, you can spend the night in nature on the most beautiful spots, only the wind sometimes throws a spanner in the works.
After Ushuaia we drove a the last 30 km to the most drivable south of the world. No sign or nothing just wilderness and beavers. The weather and surroundings was not as what we expected. It was so much more than an other check in the box.
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