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October 17, 2018 is finally ready. We go! Joska and Nico bring us (Katja, Sven and Cateautje) to Schiphol. We do not have to give Cateau at the check in strait a way. But after a coffee and a short walk it is time, we have to hand Cateau in at 'odd size luggage'. It is a strange idea to leave your dog behind. It turned out that the animal hotel also let her run and gave her some water.
There is a fair amount of turbulence on the flight and with every air bag we think of our little brown dog in the hold "Why are we doing this?"
When we want to get the dog at 'odd size luggage' in BA, we understand that she is arriving with the normal luggage. After some elbow work, we are in set to intercept Cateau as quickly as possible. After a while, she appears to be standing behind a pillar surrounded by a dozen of children.
She is happy to see us, no more or less than normal. It seems that we have had more stress than she did. 
Then we have to go to Senasa  to get her into the country. After an endless wait and paperwork she is allowed to go in. Uruguay appears to have the import regulations as of 1 October. In addition to external and internal parasite control, each dog must also have a negativie blood test on Leishmania. Fortunately, the results of the blood test are already available the next day. The vet fills in the necessary paper work and we can go to Senasa again. It is 6 km walk from the vet but at least we can see some of the city. When we arrived at Senassa everything is checked. But unfortunately, the chip number is missing on all forms, so we have to go back to the vet. For the convenience and speed we take a taxi. With hard rock music and sing-along driver, we driving too fast through the traffic. Fortunately, he regularly  make the sign of the cross, so we are all fine.
The apartment is located in the center of Buenos Aires in the Recoleta district, near the park plaza st. Martin de Tours. The landlord is a nice lady who, together with the concierge, is already waiting for us. The elevator is one of an old film with a sliding gate and door. If the gate is not properly closed, the alarm goes. The street where we are is reasonably quiet. The apartment has a tiny kitchen, the kitchen in Brinks (the car) is even more spacious.

Occasionally we check the position of the boat with which the car is sent to Montevideo via the website. The planning is still that the boat arrives on Thursday, October 25. When everything is arranged, the boat and Cateau, we can take it easy and play the tourist. 
We are close to the famous cemetery. Very impressive with all that cozy house where people sleep forever. It is special that some mausoleums are so badly affected and are about to collapse. It is just a search, but somewhere afterwards we find the grave of Eva Peron.We visit the antiques market in San Telmo. Besides all kinds of "antiques" there are also several street musicians. 
The ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia is pretty choppy. Apart from the fact that many people are seasick, the chocolate bars flies through the store. 
From Colonia we still have to go 180km by bus. We are welcomed in Spanish by a kiss, Geronimo, the landlord. The apartment is fully equipped. When the waiting for the boat takes a long time, we can even Netflixen.
After we have received notice from the shipowner, that the ship "Grande Argentina" has arrived, the process of customs clearance can begin. It is a route of 7 offices along for the required forms, stamps and payments. In itself a logical story but the language and location of the counters makes it a more complicated whole. It all goes very smoothly to the last office. The network was out and after 1.5 hours of waiting Sven discovered that the power cable of the router and the LAN cable were not connected. After that is fixed we get the last forms and we can drive out of the harbor.
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