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After we have left Montevideo we go to a campsite or car parking to rearrange the car. Unbelievable how much stuff we should get back in again. In the end it all turns out to be okay and besides too many clothes everything fits easily. 
When Sven has filled the car with water, we can set off. By car we really mean the car because suddenly there was 120 liters in the 85 liter tank. The water came out of the car on all sides. Next time check the lid if the lid is closed. 
We drive along the coast to Punta del Sur, a fashionable seaside resort. It is just a weird sensation but nice to look around. We are approached by an Argentinian, if we want to come along in his new apartment so he can give tips about Argentina. Very nice of course but we decide to turn down the offer.
The border crossing from Uruguay to Argentina is smooth and in no time we are in the pouring rain in Gualeguaychu. The whole town has changed into swirling river while we are looking for a 110km / h and red bar sticker. This is mandatory on all cars older than 3 years. 
The landscape is very boring. Vast pampas, as far as the eye can see. The only thing we see are cows, sheep and grass. Much like the "Noordoostpolder" in the Netherlands only 1200 kilometers long. We should clearly discover the beauty of Argentina later on. 
At Viedma, along the Rio Negro, the area becomes more interesting. At El Cóndor, the largest parrot colony is said to live; Loros barranqueros. They live in the rocks along the coast and make a lot of noise. Very nice to see. 
Through the "A" 1 we drive on the dirt road to the south. All the bumps turns out to be just as much when suddenly a loud tap on the roof sounds and something begins to rattle. Upon closer inspection three pop rivets of the roof rack appear to have been knocked out. Because we do not have pop rivet pliers and nails, we are looking for a garage. Here we can use his stuff and only have to pay for the pop rivets. For the sake of certainty, Sven will add a few extras. After everything is fixed and stock up for a few days  we are on our way to the National Park Península Valdés. 
The park itself is not that beautiful and the rules are become stricter. Wild camping is not possible anymore and you can only leave the car on parking places. Despite the fact that the landscape is just as boring as elsewhere, it is possible to see other animals next to sheep. From the coast you can see several animals. Nice and easy against seasickness. You will find here, among other things; killer whales, sea lions, penguins, elephant seals, whales and flamingos. 
After we left Península Valdés, we visit some other penguin colonies. We are just too early, because the eggs have not hatched yet. 
A beautiful day comes to an abrupt end. When parking on a fantastic wild camping spot the bad luck hits. The wheels lock and it appears that the entire braking device is totally destroyed. After some arts and acrobaticswe we are be able to drive to a small town for the night. Although without brakes, we reach a large Toyota dealer 300 kilometers away. After 3 days of waiting, the necessary material was flown in from Buenos Aires and all 4 brakes were renewed.
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